Ravi Komatireddy

Our Why

We started Daytona Health for a very simple reason.  Healthcare is amazing at fixing us when we’re broken but not great at helping us thrive and helping us avoid disease in the first place.

Our guiding star is Healthspan, not Healthcare

Healthspan is what we all really want. For us it means 3 things:

  • Prevent disease and live longer well
  • Reduce fatigue, burnout, and make us better at our jobs
  • Improve our work life balance and personal relationships

We created Daytona system to optimize your healthspan.

What we noticed:

Just data, fancy labs, and gadgets arent enough. We need to use psychology and behavior science and a trained team  to help you turn that data into  empowering us to make real lifestyle changes over time so we can not just get healthy, but stay healthy.

Our backgrounds:

Our team comes from healthcare. Now we’re focused on healthspan. And we have a passion for seeing people transform their lives.  We use the latest team, tools, and science to make it happen.

Now it’s time to take control of your healthspan.

Ravi Komatireddy MD, MCTI
CEO and Founder Daytona Health